Activity in our ham radio club S59DTB


We are preparing antennas for UHF contest 

We made for first may UHF contest a group of eight  9el  yagi antennas. Now we are preparing another the same group. That antennas we made by our self. We'll put this group on tower 18m high.

We'll work on 2m, 70cm and 23cm.

Boys from our ham radio club  expect a good result, of course it is depend of good propagations on band, a good techniques  conditions and of course good whether. 


Marathon tree hart

Marathon tree hart is finish. We were cooperation, like every year, with establish connection between start and control points along  Marathon line. It was raining, but  for all that, we have done this job as professionals. Organization chief  was S57MMC and he has done this as "professional". Marko S56IMD and Janko S55WT were on base station and they were good engage to "PILE-up". We had all honorable mention from organization committee.

Reconstruction our an old cottage. 

We bought an old cottage very close to our container were we runs contests. We ask a local community for financing our project, and people from there are very kind and compliant for our wishes. We made a new roof on it, some walls and a new location for ham activity will be finish. 

Many volunteers from our ham club are very active and ready for freewill work. 



Roman & Pile_up(70928 bytes)

Marko & Pile_up (58070 bytes)

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Marko and QRM. (74044 bytes)