HI gentlemen!
I promised to send You an EmailsimgDale1.jpg (78903 bytes) from guys who met on WRTC2000 locations in Radenci.
Here are:              K9JF Jim Fenstermaker                   K9JF John Golomb   HA3OV Antal Hudanik                   HA3NU Lazslo WeiszimgDale2.jpg (71376 bytes)                       VE7SV Dale Green                    VA7RR Gary Caldwell        S51XK Drago Jug            S55WT Janko Sauperl  S56RZN Matej ZamudaimgDale3.jpg (89060 bytes)                           S57MRI  Drago Mir           S57HVZ Berto Jagodnik                 S57UQS  Milan Serc
                                              S56IMD Marko Dundek
                                              S57MMC Silvo MatjasecimgDale4.jpg (75543 bytes)
                                              S57NAD Andrej Krizan    S51VC Marjan Galuf (Max) 
I hope, I didn't forget someone. 
What was the trip to your home location?imgDale5.jpg (59462 bytes)
I will be very glad, if you write me a few letter about how you were satisfy with organization on our two WRTC2000 location in Radenci.
I will try put your word in local newspaper to say people what gentleman we met then.
Best 73&GL from S59DTB hams.     imgDale6.jpg (77303 bytes)


Hi Max,
ImgGary5.jpg (43006 bytes)
I returned home at 2300 (local time) on 13 July. I was very tired from almost 22 hours of traveling but remember my very enjoyable time in Radenci and Bled. It was quite hard for me to work at my job yesterday!
Being in Slovenia for a week was an experience to remember for a lifetime. My wife and I hope to return next year.imgDale7.jpg (73830 bytes)

Please note that my correct address is or
Thanks for a wonderful time in Radenci. I will write later to you and the other people I met in Radenci.

Please pass along my best 73 to your FB club.imgDale8.jpg (125052 bytes)


Jim K9JFimgDale9.jpg (32554 bytes)

I returned home to Vancouver last night and today I am back at work
in my office. I spent a few days in Milano working before coming home
and was able to have dinner with Stefano IK2QEI from Team Italy.
Wrtc-pic1.jpg (32966 bytes)
I will never forget the wonderful friendship, kindness and hospitality of
the Radenci amateurs and their families. Most seemed like "brothers"
rather than new friends...........especially you Berto. Although we heard
many of the teams claim that their hosts were the best we know that none
could possibly have been as good as our hosts from Radenci. Thanks to
everyone and especially Radenska for making Team Canada's visit toImgGary3.jpg (39875 bytes)
Slovenia and WRTC2000 the experience of a lifetime.

Your gift of your special wine arrived safely and is now in storage in my
cellar waiting for a special time for us to drink it and remember our days
ImgGary4.jpg (56722 bytes)
Thanks again to you Berto, Milan and your families for making our visit
so memorable.

Very 73
Dale VE7SV.....S521H
ImgGary8.jpg (56326 bytes)

Message-Id: 1516_gw
From: ha3ov@ha6knh

Hi Max,
We are all came back to HA without problems. We really really enjoyed
that days we spent in Radenci under your hospitality. So, it is my
responsibility to thanks for all your kindness on behalf of our team.
Please pass our best regards for the guys in S59DTB also.
As you may know we were finished at the 17. place of the contest and I
think it's a good result. Probably it would better if we try next time hi... 
There are photo's we made in Radenci and I would like to
send you few of them. Please let me know if this address below is OK:
Radioklub Radgona
Pionirska 7-pp 48,
69252 Radenci, Slovenia

OK, thats it for now vy 73's DE HA3OV Anti

Hello Max,

     I just arrived home to British Columbia a few days ago.  My wife
and I spent some time touring Europe after WRTC, mostly in southern
     I would like to thank you again for your help with our effort in
the WRTC competition!  I appreciate the computer and monitor you brought
for us, not to mention things such as the step-down transformer and the
    The hospitality we received was just wonderful!  I sent a note to
Berto yesterday telling him that, although we wished for better results
in the contest, what was most important to me was the new friendships I
established with all of you during my visit to Slovenia and Radenci.  I
will carry the memories with me for the rest of my life.

     Again, many thanks to you, Berto and his family, the members of the
S59DTB radio club, and Radenska (whom I believed help sponsor our

     Please keep in touch!


Gary Caldwell