BACK Chronology of our ham-radio club 
It was 1968. Some enthusiasts in Radenci were decide  to start handled with Ham-radio. Mr. Anton Grčar from radio-club  YU3DBC was started with ham-radio course . We established YU3DTB department of Ham-radio club  YU3DBC in M. Sobota. 

qsl-old-c.jpg (23920 bytes)qsl-old-r.jpg (28668 bytes)

Our ex-QSL card

old1.jpg (32309 bytes)

Our first QSO-s on new station

In the same year we got a most modern equipment  for this time SB-301, SB-401 and SB-200 line from Heathkit. Every two to three years we organized a ham-radio course for new members. With an old UHF transceiver HW-17 we were contesting with only one crystal and 4watts on AM modulation. It was hard work (HI). On HF we were making contact with  new countries and got diplomas. 
That time an old politics were part from radio club YU3DBC and join to radio club YU3DRA from G. Radgona. On that time our activity in radio club was going down. 


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An old photos with our good friends in YU3DBC


maraton1.jpg (33980 bytes)

Local activity on first marathon 

After an old Yugoslavia was apart we were moving to new location, got a new HF and UHF stations and started  with new young generation almost  from nothing.  We were broken connection with an old radio club S59DRA, established a new ham radio club Radenska Radenci. We  kept an old call sign  S59DTB, got an another call S53DTB for an UHF.  Our ex-friends from an old radio club S59DRA were stealing an old diplomas from the wall and some other things, but  they weren't stealing our courage. 
Location of our radio club is on 200m ASL. This is too low ASL for good contest conditions, specially for UHF. We found a good location in a hill 300m ASL not far away from Radenci.  Put and fixed it on the hill an old container, made a roof on it and contest location was ready. Of course, contest location without antenna tower and good antennas on it, is nothing. We made an antenna tower 30m high and put an UHF and VHF antennas on it. We have now a good contest location outside town and QRN jamming.          .

lokacija6.jpg (33448 bytes)

Contest location

An another picture

 More text soon.