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It's location who comity of WRTC2000 provided  for contest location.



S59DTB contest location

Location of our radio club is on 200m high above sea level (ASL). This is too low ASL for good contest conditions, specially for UHF. We found a good location in a hill 300m ASL not far away from Radenci.  Put and fixed it on the hill an old container, made a roof on it and contest location was ready. Of course, contest location without antenna tower and good antennas on it, is nothing. We made an antenna tower 30m high and put an UHF and VHF antennas on it. We have now a good contest location outside town and QRN jamming. WRTC2000 committee told us a rules, how contest location should look like. 

We were hosting gentlemen from Hungary and US. HA3OV Antal and HA3NU Laszlo were competitor team. Jim K9JF was referee. Unbelievable, how personal contacts between  hams can bring people closer who have newer seen before. We were spend a good time together and we will remember this time for always. They showed us how a great contest should be work. We are collect an experience and we are including this in the next contests.            


S57HVZ contest location

Berto S57HVZ is good friendly man. He tendered his services and location  to WRTC2000. Hi is a ham-radio fan and operator since 1979. He came in this area from Ilirska Bistrica, an another part of Slovenia. He is married man, has children and nice wife. He lives with his family in a family-house on Janžev vrh. He is running prosperous auto-mechanic service near their house. 

He was hosting gentlemen from Canada and US. VE7SV Dale and VA7RR Gary were competitor, N2NC John was referee. He made very friendly contact with them. He newer forgot this good friends who met during this time.    



In the northeast of Slovenia, not far from border with Austria and Hungary, in the country of old wine culture, thermal and mineral springs, as well as nice people, there is a Radenci Commune. The river Mura is the border with Austria in the north, Prekmurje, the uttermost eastern region of Slovenia, in the east, the hilly Radgona and Kapela's vineyards in the south, and the Gornja Radgona Commune in the west.

It measures 2329 hectares of land significantly formed by River Mura. The river has also formed the people living along it, as well as the way of their living  and  thinking. 

1684 hectares out of 2329 is agriculture land, mostly vineyards. Old vine-dresser's cottages and vineyard cottages bear witness to the tradition of wine growing hill that represents the lion's in the agriculture. The tourist offer is successfully complemented by the supply of top-level wines. The countryside is varied, nearly settlement is on its own, mostly vine-growing hill, joined by a wine street. The high above sea level (ASL) is 300 meters, Kapela, a nice place for an outing , only 3 kilometers from Radenci, is a little bit higher, and is the most beautiful outlook tower in "Slovenske gorice".

According to its natural resources the Radenci Commune is one of the richest. The nature rewarded it with spring of mineral and thermal water, millions of liters of Radenska mineral water go from here into the world. The climate is continental, hot summer and cold winter are the contrasts to awaken and blossoming spring and autumn for witch there are many who would swear it is prettiest in the region by the Mura. The image of the town and its surroundings has been significantly formed by the Radenska Health Resort and it was the reason for the inhabitants to be involved in tourist trade. Despite of its swing and world reputation the people have saved the features of a small man - diligence, modesty and hospitality. 

Therefore it is no wonder that the guests return to Radenci again and again. The same as storks that have been allured to the region by the river Mura because of its safety and shelter it provides.         





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His location were also comity of WRTC2000 provide for contest location.

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Here is Berto's location.  

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It's map surrounding countryside of Radenci, or were you can find  this locations.